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Did you know that websites with blogs get an average of 434% more indexed pages? (Woah, that’s like… a lot!)

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Expertise and Background

SEO blogger and copywriter for hire

Hi, I’m Giada and I’m a UK-based copywriter.

(Sending a virtual handshake)

Before deciding to keep company to my cacti and work from home, I used to be in charge of copywriting in a bustling marketing team. I have also followed an intensive Creative Writing course at the City University of London and graduated in Creative & Media Writing from the University of Portsmouth, one of the top 20 universities for Creative Writing courses in the UK.

During my bachelor years, I supported myself financially with part-time jobs, was chosen to be one of the editors of the university paper, wrote freelance articles for online websites, completed an internship in a publishing company, won writing competitions and was published on The London Magazine, whilst still managing to graduate with First Class Honours.

[Psst. The subliminal message hidden in the previous paragraph is: I’m an enthusiastic multitasker and impeccable at meeting deadlines. Although free coffee from the café I worked for did help. A lot.]

Thanks to the research skills perfected during my time at university, I have been able to help a varied portfolio of national and international clients from different fields and industries, matching their brand’s tone like a chameleon (but don’t worry: I’m easy to find when you need me!).


Giada was wonderful to work with; creating imaginative and inspiring content which was always submitted on time. She has a wonderful way with words! I would recommend her services to everyone.
Becca from “Book Lover Gifts

Giada has been a pleasure to work with. She was enthusiastic, delivered an excellent job in a very short timeframe. I shall happily work with her again.
Marc from “App A Van

“Giada is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her ability to convey a brand and its message has been crucial to our brand launches and expansions. She has an uncanny knack for creating personable and relatable copy while still speaking as the brand. I can't recommend her enough. If you're looking for a genuinely talented, thoughtful and hard working copywriter, Giada is second to none.”

Rich from “Wok&Go

SEO-Blogging and Copywriting Services


Although I write for human readers—sorry, Martians—I always make sure that my SEO-friendly blog posts will also please search engines’ crawlers, because, if those fussy little guys don’t like your text, they are going to make it extremely hard for humans to find it. #SadTruth

SEO blogger for hire

What you can expect

High-quality, SEO-friendly content that is going to hook your readers in, attract new potential customers, keep them on your website, strengthen your relationship with them, and help you establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Wow, the wonders that words can do!

I often use crafty literary devices to make the reading compelling and conversational, but don’t worry: I avoid clichés like the plague (this one was deliberate).

What you are NOT going to get

Boring blog posts made of 50% ‘copy & paste stuff’ and 50% keyword-stuffing (or any other percentage of the two).

SEO blog post rates

Blogging Packages

What can regular blogging bring to your business?
Well, to name a few:
- building trust by showing that you are an expert in your industry
- increasing brand recognition
- creating value for your customers
- helping smooth the awareness/consideration/decision stages of audience conversion
- better SEO, higher Google ranking, and more indexed pages.

Sounds freakin’ amazing, doesn’t it?

But you need to focus on your business and don’t have time to plan content, research and write.
I totally understand: I also need to focus on my business, except… guess what? My business is writing.
How about I write your blog posts regularly?
We both win. Nice one!

SEO blogging packages

You can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Not a problem!
I’d love to create a customised package to suit your business needs. Just drop me a quick email and tell me all about them!


I also offer other copywriting services. Do you need articles, website copy, a social media post, a newsletter, a good shopping list? Ok, I won’t really help with the last one, but if you need anything else that involves writing, well... I can’t wait to hear about your awesome project!
Send me an email, say hi, and let’s see how I can help your business.


Freelance Writer for hire
  • What are your other rates?
    Since every project is different, I only have set prices for my packages and blog posts. For anything else, feel free to contact me and tell me all about your project. I’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote based on the Freelance Fees Guide suggestions and the estimated time needed to complete the project.

  • Can you write a sample before I purchase a regular blogging package?
    Sure! I’m happy to write a single paid blog post (no strings attached). However, if you decide to proceed with a blogging package, I will include it in the first month’s schedule so that it works out cheaper for you.

  • What if I don’t like a blog post?
    I’m confident you’ll love them! However, I’m happy to tweak them and edit them until you are super-satisfied.

  • Tomayto or tomahto?

    Both are fine! I usually write in British English, but I also have experience writing for the American market, so I’m happy to activate my USA-mode if any of y’all requests it.

  • What’s with the raccoon?

    Well, raccoons are pretty crafty and they just happen to be my favourite animals EVER.



Blog posts


Celebricious - 6 easy ways to reduce your plastic waste

An easy guide to reducing our plastic footprint, written for the lifestyle blog Celebricious

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An aesthetically-pleasing style guide with relevant internal links to the company’s products

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Breaking down the basic steps of SEO blogging for this business blog aimed at female entrepreneurs

Altus Partners - Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

An analysis of the interesting survey conducted by this recruitment company.



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